Job Openings In Armada Hospital – Dubai

Armada Hospital

Armada Holdings/Armada Group  as one of the leading United Arab Emirates conglomerates with more than 17 active companies having diversified interests in healthcare, hospitality, real estate investment property development, as well as construction.Armada Hospital

The construction company Admiral Contracting (previously Omran Contracting) was founded in 1974 by Mohammed Al-omran a leading Emiratee businessman as one of the early construction company in the UAE and was acquired by Mohammed Rahif Hakmi in 2001.Dr Hakmi expanded the business which has become one of the major enterprise in the U.A.E. investing in different sectors portfolios which include Real Estate Development, Information Technology, Marine, Health Care and Hospitality. The company has ongoing projects in Europe, Turkey, Comoros and the Middle East.

Current Vacancies – Armada Hospital



Interested candidates can send their Resume to this email :-

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